Menopause Anxiety

Anxiety attack can be a very confusing menopause symptom. Especially, as you approach your menopause or when you are in the perimenopause and you experience your first anxiety attacks, you might feel somewhat alarmed and wonder what is happening to you.

It is important to realize that anxiety is very common with women in menopause. In fact, anxiety is two times more common in women than in men. The hormonal imbalances during menopause are one of the reasons for making you feel ill at ease, since it is known that estrogen affects the regulation of your emotions and moods. Other causes for these attacks can be the overall changes in your life, like employment stress, growing family stress from your children or disturbances in personal relationships.

Many women use hormone replacement therapy to reduce this menopause symptom. HRT has, however, some very disturbing side effects, including an increased risk for several cancers.

A very good way to deal with the anxiety is with proper exercise. Practically any aerobic exercise that will bring you to a sweat is good, but many feel it is even better when performed outdoors. Breathing of fresh air and experiencing "the world outside" can bring additional positive effects to your exercise. The main thing, however, is to burn off some energy and clear your mind from the stressful thoughts!

Other good ways to get relief is to relax you, perhaps with the help of a massage, yoga class, meditation or stretching. Overall wellbeing with a healthy diet and regular exercise are probably the best ways to fight the anxiety. If your anxiety attacks get too overwhelming you might want to consider working with a therapist to get you through the rough times.

Many women have also found some soy products to be extremely helpful to reduce the symptoms of menopause, including anxiety. The best soy supplements are totally natural products and are not known to have any serious side effects.

If you suffer from persistent anxiety attacs, you might find relief from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which has proven to be extremely efficient in getting rid of fears, anxieties and even phobias.

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